About Us

CharisMaggie Productions is an independent production company that was created out of Margarette's passion for content creation as a Youtube content creator.


She launched in late 2020 after seeing the need for small businesses and non-profit organizations to be visibly present and tell their stories through video.

Today she helps small businesses and non-profits to become visible online through strategic and creative content creation and planning through services including:

Social media strategy, training and management

Mailchimp assistance

Youtube consultation, training and management

Video production services

Mission Statement


To empower small businesses and non-profit organizations to tell their story online through meaningful content.

Core Values


  • ​Creativity- content creation is not a one size fits all. We will help you curate a content plan that makes sense for your business.

  • Simplicity- our aim is to make the process of content creation simple and easy.​

  • Integrity- we are honest and committed to providing the best service for you your business.

  • Accessibility- our services can be offered virtually or in-person through our mobile services.

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